Options When You Finish Early

If you finish your work early, here are your options for academic free time:
  1. Check your grades and see if you have any missing assignments.
  2. Create a new blog post, adding to your history portfolio.
  3. Start or add to a discussion in the class Google Group. 
  4. Create a presentation or YouTube video for your teammates explaining a concept you've mastered (extra credit)
  5. Surf the History on YouTube channel to gain a deeper understanding of a history topic we are currently studying. 
  6. Research one of the upcoming units and create a preview poster or presentation to share with the class (extra credit). Some upcoming units are Meso-America, Renaissance & Scientific Revolution, Reformation in Europe, Age of Exploration, and Enlightenment.   
  7. Create a model of a object or place using 3DTin from one of our past units.  You must share the project or link with me (extra credit)
  8. Create a set of flashcards to help you review for an upcoming FSA using Cramberry or Google Presentation.  
  9. Visit one of the world's museums with Google Art Project.  
  10. Practice your typing or play a typing game here.
  11. Create a wix.com page for one of the topics or subjects we're learning about in class. If there is enough detail and it aligns with one of our standards/learning objectives, you will receive extra credit